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Our people are our driving force

Our people are our heritage, and we count them as valuable members of the Kallas family as the means of the company's and our partners' evolution. Besides, it is no coincidence that more than 1 out of 5 people in the company remain with us for more than 10 years.

We count our team as the main driver of growth, and therefore we make sure to provide opportunities for personal and collective development. Talent, experience, passion, confidence, and a thirst for growth are the characteristics that have led Kallas Inc. to be a leader in the food industry. 

In addition to adhering to the Code of Conduct, the company ensures a safe, creative yet dynamic work environment, with equal opportunities for growth, fair compensation, and competitive reward schemes based on proper evaluation systems so that employees can take pride in their work. 

We encourage responsibility and initiative while our people-centric approach to HR management supports the needs of our people and, by extension, the balanced operation of the departments towards achieving corporate goals.

For Kallas Inc., smooth operation and growth come from its people. By building a family, we walk through time and build lasting relationships and partnerships because that is the only way we believe we give value to all of you!


Board of Directors -CEO

The founders and continuators of the Kallas Inc. are the people who daily share their knowledge and experience with all other executives of the company, always counting on the abilities and strength of their team.

We value…you!

John & Panagiotis Kallas.


High expertise executives ensure the legal and regulatory framework of company's operation. With experience and training, the smooth and lawful operation of the company is reassured, maintaining the highest standards and ensuring the legal and regulatory framework for the company and its partners.

I am constantly updated on the rules and regulations governing our activities to contribute my part to the better operation of the company daily.

Internal Coordination

Internal coordination between departments, good communication, and management of requests from internal teams are essential for smooth day-to-day operations and adherence to work plans at all levels.

My job is to orchestrate the daily routine and immediately solve problems that block the flow of our business. My daily routine is a sprint!


They manage an extended network of the world's most important suppliers aiming to secure the best possible deals in terms of quality and price.

Our goal is to create partnerships that produce mutually beneficial results not only for Kallas Inc. but also for our partners!


Kallas Inc. is constantly investing in the logistics sector by creating privately owned warehouses and staffing each department with expert personnel because quality and speed are priorities. 

With quality & speed being our top priorities, in Kallas inc we constantly invest in the logistics sector via privately owned warehouses & high expertise personel!

Customer Service & Distribution

The team that has daily contact and cooperation with our customers. They are the people who make sure our partners' requirements are met, building relationships with solid foundations based on mutual respect.

The customer-partner for me is at the center of everything! The bet for us is to manage the orders and route them quickly so that we can serve all of Greece, even on the same day!

Quality Control

Quality is the basis of our operation. The implementation of certified quality and food safety management systems, the daily inspections, our refrigeration chain,  and the social and ethical responsibility that distinguishes the department's people ensure the excellent quality of our products.

I would never allow a product to leave our company unless I can guarantee that it meets the highest possible quality. Quality assurance is my passion.

Research and development team

The company's research and development team consists of qualified scientists who daily seek the best and highest quality solutions to our partner's needs. Each partner's idea can be implemented with their contribution and scientific expertise.

The needs and vision of our partners determine our daily agenda. In collaboration with the scientific teams of the brands we represent, we propose value-added solutions every day.

Marketing & Communication

The right practices that are applied based on company’s values, are expressed through the Marketing and Communication department. The goal of the team is to create communication channels with our customers and partners, maintaining the reputation that has raised Kallas Inc to the top of the industry. 

It is in the DNA of our organization to ensure that there is value in everything we do. The challenge for us is that the perception of our partners and our general reputation matches the reality!


Our salespeople are the mirror of our company. They are the ones who daily contact our customers, making it their constant goal to satisfy our customers' needs by providing the right solutions.

We are a team with passion! We love to be in the market every day, listening to the needs of our partners and providing solutions to over 10,000 foodservice and tourism professionals, bakers, confectioners, industries & crafts, as well as retail outlets.

The HR department

The HR management department is at the heart of the company. They are always there, eager to staff and listen to the employees, the people our success is based on.

We are a people-centric company! Finding the right people and all together, fresher and more experienced, orienting ourselves towards a common goal is something that really fills me up!

Finance Department

Following the company's financial procedures and policies, continuously monitoring performance indicators at both the corporate and cross-departmental levels, and securing resources are all things that allow us to stay healthy through time!

Formulating strategic choices through the analysis and processing of financial data is something that adds value to the company and to my daily life.

Information Technology

Our systems are the backbone of our operation! Their continuous operation, constant upgrading based on emerging needs, regular reporting, data protection, user training, and problem-solving ensure business decisions.

Designing, executing, and ensuring the smooth operation of our information systems is what I do. My challenge is the correct and continuous flow of information!