Success is based on the common route and the social contribution. Kallas Inc. makes sure that it maintains its commitments to local communities with continuous contribution activities and respect for the environment and sustainable development.

Social Responsibility

We actively and respectfully support all our fellow human beings.

Supporting charitable organizations and vulnerable social groups is part of our ongoing activities, ensuring that we intervene with our offer to those in need. 

Committed to our intention for sustainable development and an eye on a viable and better future, Kallas Inc. joins in the coordinated action to save and offer food, being a proud supporter of "Boroume", a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce food waste and to fight malnutrition in Greece


We recycle from the source!

We separate the materials when disposing of them, adhering to standards that make them recyclable!

Paper recycling

Recycling paper has become an imperative in modern society. Given the multiple adverse effects that its production can have on the natural environment and the destruction to which the natural ecosystem is subjected, it is evident that the most effective way to reduce its impact is to reuse what is considered "waste".

It is noteworthy that, statistically, one tonne of recycled paper is equivalent to the pulp produced by 17 trees, while recycling requires 40% less energy than that needed to make paper from wood. At Kallas Inc. we separately collect and recycle our printing and packaging papers for our products, actively contributing to paper recycling!

Plastic recycling

The widespread use of plastics and their slow degradation makes them one of the main components of pollution of the natural environment, which, apart from the obvious aesthetics, can cause other significant impacts on the ecosystem concerned, in particular during their degradation and breakdown into smaller fragments capable of entering the food chain.

Wood recycling

Wood is a natural resource in short supply. Demand has increased dramatically and is expected to double in 50 years. By recycling wood at Kallas Inc. we ensure a cleaner environment by reducing waste volume.