Your need is our inspiration!

Our many years of experience combined with our expertise in raw materials and foodstuffs places us in a leading position as the most reliable advisor to each of our customers in developing new innovative products.
Listening to the need for differentiating elements in the food sector that will highlight the final product as innovative, but more being in tune with contemporary consumer trends for, we give the right solution to each of our partners, based on technical raw materials, but also the strong expertise of our scientific team.  
Research and development of such products is an ever-growing area in the food industry and food-related businesses. At Kallas Inc., we could not fail to provide best practices to our partners. That is why we have assembled an integrated team of highly trained food scientists and technologists, who, in collaboration with our suppliers' technical departments, are dedicated to responsibly developing each of our customers' ideas and needs and making them real.

A great idea only has value
when it is implemented!